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Arthur Murray Live Wedding Dance Tips

90 Seconds.  That's it.

It's about how long it takes to brush your teeth, microwave a burrito, or hold your breath in a public bathroom.  In our day to day lives, 90 seconds could be a blip on the radar (microwave burrito), or a critical time period in your life (hopefully not the microwave burrito). 

Posted by Chris Lynam on April 12, 2015

The Dance Partner Poem

A dance partner is, the left to your right, 

They dance in the morning, or late in the night

Some win, some lose, some blame, some cry

From the first competition, to the final goodbye.


Some dance partners can, completely frustrate you

They push you, and praise you, until your next breakthrough.


So let's take a moment, to lend a kind word

Instead of the norm, severe, or absurd

For dancing together, is too great a gift

To let fear and frustration, develop a rift.


Your partner's too special, as a pair you connect

The best practice, for practice, is to practice respect.

The Dance Partner Poem Analysis


R - Remember - Take a minute before you show up to your next dance lesson to remember the moment when you decided to do this.  Think of the positive byproducts learning to dance has brought you and your partner.  Where would you be in your ability to collaborate and communicate if you replaced this time with sitting on the couch? 

Posted by Chris Lynam on March 3, 2015

The Official Wedding Dance Glossary

Posted by Chris Lynam on May 20, 2014