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Social Dance

Arthur Murray is the leader in social dancing. Learning to dance socially gives you the tools to dance with confidence at wedding receptions, office parties, dinner dances, and nightclubs.

Your First Dance Lesson is Free

You don't need a dance partner, nor experience, nor natural talent. Dance is a practical skill that helps you loosen up & have fun in weddings and company parties, and gives you access to a warm, friendly community of people just like you!

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What is Social Dancing?

Social Dancing is a non-competitive form of ballroom dancing. Built on the premise of being able to socialize while dancing with someone. Social dancers utilize all forms of partner dancing for practical use instead of performance.

Why Social Dancing

Dance students come to learn social dancing at Arthur Murray for a wide variety of reasons. Here are a few to add some perspective to this wonderful hobby:

Burn 300-600 calories doing something fun that your body doesn't associate with exercise.

Expand Your Social Network
Every Arthur Murray Dance Studio is made up of people of all ages, occupations, and interest levels.

Improve Your Connection
In a day and age when more of our human interaction has been replaced with a digital alternative, social dancing is a face to face activity built to combine graceful movement with the social graces.


Where can you use Social Dancing?

Knowing how to social dance opens up a wide range of opportunities for dancing that may never before have seemed available.

Whether you are going as the bride or groom in a wedding party, or just a guest - a wedding is a social dance bonanza for those that possess the skills.

Office Functions
Black tie events often feature great live music, and sometimes an empty dance floor. Not anymore. With social dance skills from Arthur Murray you can make an impression few could replicate at a conference table.

Social Dance Nightclubs
Knowing how to dance can create an instant upgrade to your nightlife, as is the case with the number of social dance nightclubs. Whether you are interested in sexy latin dancing at Salsa Clubs, fun and carefree dancing at Country Western bars, or dramatic and sensual dancing at a Tango Milonga - your social calendar can fill up quickly with social dance skills.
At Salsa Clubs - with dances like Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Zouk.

Or Any Occasion! Learning to dance is a skill you can use forever, and wherever.


“The hardest step you’ll ever learn is the first one through our door.”

- Kathryn Murray