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It's your first dance together

Make it Lifetime Worthy

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what to expect on your first wedding dance lesson

Here is a step by step guide, along with bits of advice, for all the brides and grooms taking the most important first step (pun intended) toward a great wedding dance and reception.


Scheduling Your Free Consultation

Let’s just get this out of the way. No one ever says, “I’m glad I waited until the last minute to do this!”


What to bring to your consultation

If you have a few special songs bring your music, otherwise we can help you choose and bring your calendar for scheduling.


Who You’ll Meet

You will meet the new student director, the new student specialist and many new students like yourself.


Let’s Get Moving

Your Wedding Specialist will start the appointment by getting to know what you have in mind dance-wise for your wedding reception.


Make it Official

Your Wedding Specialist shares his recommendation with you and the New Student Director after we teach you a few moves.


Share it!

After taking a few lessons, it is always a nice idea to invite your folks, or some of the wedding party in for a few lessons.

The sooner you start the sooner you'll know

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