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Learn To Be More
On The
Dance Floor

From "two left feet" to "happy feet"! Experience the love, fun, and community we're known for. Our system is built for beginners with zero experience in dancing. With Arthur Murray, you "walk in, dance out"!

Don’t Take Our Word For It.
Meet Some of Our Friends at Arthur Murray Live!

Shelley Hertz

"Arthur Murray has given me tremendous confidence."


Brooke Robbins

"I love everything that it's given me in terms of confidence and friendship."

Norbert Strecker

"After 20 minutes of dancing, I'm a totally different person."

Jim Sepeda

"When you come to Arthur Murray you ask somebody to dance, they're happy to dance with you. "

How do we Make this Happen for Students?


Dancing is a Process

At Arthur Murray, we believe that everyone can learn how to dance.

No one is born with dance skills. It's all a process!

And as you continue to practice and improve, it takes you closer to becoming a great dancer.


Everyone Starts as a Beginner

Arthur Murray developed a system designed for someone with zero dance experience.

Our teaching system is like a store for dancing. Everything you learn connects to another pattern, dance, or concept and planned according to your skill level so everything is fun, quick, and easy to learn.


No Partner, No Problem

You don't need to have a dance partner to begin dance lessons.

We believe that learning on your own can be an advantage. It helps you to work on your own pace and focus on your specific roles so the best possible results are delivered. A great dancer will learn how to dance, then choose a partner.

Your First Dance Lesson is Free

You don't need a dance partner, nor experience, nor natural talent. Dance is a practical skill that helps you loosen up & have fun in weddings and company parties, and gives you access to a warm, friendly community of people just like you!

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About the Owners, Chris and Daisey Lynam

Both Chris and Daisey started their Arthur Murray journeys in different locations, for completely different reasons.


In 1998, Daisey initially took lessons at Arthur Murray Hayward. She was an avid salsa dancer, and immediately fell in love with the environment and escape that dancing provided.


Chris was coming to grips with a future without basketball, which he grew up playing. An injury, a misdiagnosis, and an eventual surgery meant that he needed to find a new path. With the help of a friend, he tried out Salsa Dancing at Arthur Murray.


Today, this married couple celebrate their 20th years in the Arthur Murray organization and have had a hand in opening 10 Arthur Murray locations - with more on the way.


Mix in a decade long professional competitive dance career and 5 kids, and it may help you understand that their definition of "busy" may be different than most other couples.


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We Welcome Dancers of All Ages,
Experiences, & Background





Dance Tips for Beginners





“The hardest step you’ll ever learn is the first one through our door.”

- Kathryn Murray