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Learning to dance has never been easier! 

you can absolutely try

This isn’t just another dance class.

The Arthur Murray Wedding Program is something unique for your wedding and your marriage!

There are Arthur Murray exhibition events of every shape and size. Put your confidence on the dance floor today!

The Arthur Murray Social Dance Program is your passport that works on any dance floor, to any music, anywhere in the world.

Youth Jam is a socially interactive dance program for kids 5-15 years of age. We’ve got a class that fits your child’s needs!

All great dancers have one thing in common - they started as beginners. Like you, they had no prior knowledge and myths lingered in their minds but they were eager to learn through continuous practice, dance camps, trainings, and events.
They take every chance they get to show off their dance moves, sharpen their skills and improve their routines.
Because it's through constant learning and experiences that makes one a better dancer.
You, too, can do the same!


Dance students come to learn dancing at Arthur Murray for a wide variety of reasons.

  • improve your Confidence

    Dancing promotes positive self-image and can help improve your self-confidence.The comfort and familiarity with yourself will grow and you’ll be able to look at yourself in a more positive light.

  • burn calories

    When you're dancing, you burn 300-600 calories while you're doing something fun that your body doesn't associate with exercise.

  • Expand Your Network & Meet New Friends

    Arthur Murray Dance Studio is made up of people of all ages, occupations, and interest levels. Meet people who share the same interests and goals as yours.

  • Improve Your Connection With Others

    In a day and age when more of our human interaction has been replaced with a digital alternative, ballroom dancing is a face to face activity built to combine graceful movement with the social graces.


  • Dancing Is A Process

    At Arthur Murray, we believe that everyone can learn how to dance. No one is born with dance skills. It's all a process! And as you continue to practice and improve, it takes you closer to becoming a great dancer.

  • Everyone Starts As Beginners

    Fortunately, Arthur Murray developed a system designed for someone with zero dance experience.

    Our teaching system is like a store for dancing. Everything you learn connects to another pattern, dance, or concept and planned according to your skill level so everything is fun, quick, and easy to learn.

  • No Partner, No Problem

    You don't need to have a dance partner to begin dance lessons. We believe that learning on your own can be an advantage. It helps you to work on your own pace and focus on your specific roles so the best possible results are delivered. A great dancer will learn how to dance, then choose a partner.

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