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Competitive Dance

Competitive dancing for ballroom and latin dancing is commonly referred to as "Dancesport".  This takes the practical enjoyment of social dancing and places the emphasis on performance.  Similar to other individual sports like Tennis, Golf, or Cycling - Competitive Dancing is for anyone that enjoys Ballroom and Latin dancing, and would like to explore events outside of everyday recreation.

Your First Dance Lesson is Free

You don't need a dance partner, nor experience, nor natural talent. Dance is a practical skill that helps you loosen up & have fun in weddings and company parties, and gives you access to a warm, friendly community of people just like you!

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Learn to dance Competitively

Want to put your dance hobby on the fast track? Do you ever wish you could switch places with a celebrity on Dancing with the Stars? While there are many students that prefer to learn to be a comfortable social dancer, there are those that want a challenge, and to push their ballroom and latin dancing to a competitive level.

Social Dancing is a non-competitive form of Ballroom Dancing. Built on the premise of being able to socialize while dancing with someone, social dancers utilize all forms of partner dancing for practical use instead of performance.

Competitive Dance Events:

There are Arthur Murray events for every skill or interest level. These competitive dance events can put your learning on the fast track, and improve your self confidence on, and off, the dance floor.

In-Studio Events
Whether it is a demonstration at one of our Practice Parties, Open House, or Studio Showcase, these events are a great first step to participating in larger public events.

District Events
Combine the community of a studio event but with the format of a large scale competition and you get a District Showcase. Held twice a year at the Marriott Hotel in San Jose, this event is the largest of its kind in the Arthur Murray organization and features two days of dancing, and over 12 studios in Northern California and Nevada.

This is the largest of the exhibition events. In most cases, these events involve travel, heavy preparation time, and, at some point, dance costumes. These events are held in locations like Hawaii, Las Vegas, Southern California, or Italy. Students and teachers from around the Arthur Murray world attend, and it is the fastest way to progress in your dance hobby and confidence using it.


“The hardest step you’ll ever learn is the first one through our door.”

- Kathryn Murray