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Arthur Murray Live Wedding Dance Tips

Aside from wearing matching outfits, and a couple of toasts, your bridal party can easily slip into the general color scheme of your wedding reception.

Not anymore. 

Today future brides and grooms are utilizing their wedding party for more than just pictures and speeches.  They are recruiting a dance crew. 

Turn Your Bridal Party into Your Dance Crew with Dance Lessons

There was a time when the formal dances - First Dance, Father and Daughter, Mother and Son, and even the Money Dance - were on the wedding version of the endangered species list. Whether it was due to a lack of comfort, ideas, or shows like Dancing With the Stars, it's hard to blame anyone.  Today, it's a completely different story.  

Here are some ideas for those of you looking to take your wedding party to another level. 

The Bridesmaids



These bridesmaids took the initiative, got some moves together, and turned this wedding dance into a wedding party.  In fact, the bride and groom got to sit back, and enjoy the show.   

bridal-party-dance-quote.jpgThe Groomsmen

For too long the Groomsman has been seen as a spokesperson for uncomfortable tuxedos and gatekeepers of the open bar.  Shedding that description produces shocking results, as seen in this Surprise Justin Bieber Wedding Dance Groomsmen may not join the ranks of your bridal party as dancers, but Dance Lessons can make the world think they did.


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A Wedding Party Dance Off

A dance off is a friendly wedding version of a Battle Royale between the Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen.  Dance Lessons gives your bridal party a regular meeting point, makes your pre-wedding time together fun, and ensures that you'll have a steady group of dancers at your reception.   That being said, this couple decided to combine some of their personal interests in their dance off.  Please Note:  No wedding party personnel were harmed in this dance performance. 



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Getting the Parents Involved

The parent dances can be tricky.  Five minutes of swaying side to side, and fighting back tears, isn't necessarily the crown jewel of a wedding reception.  And breakdancing while your Mom and Dad stand and wear sunglasses doesn't necessarily capture the bond of your relationship either.  Dance Lessons for Mom and Dad can create a special moment they can share with you at the wedding, and even an activity they can share together after it's over.  Here's a great example of a tasteful, but fun, Parent Wedding dance



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Tell Us Your Vision

At Arthur Murray, if there's a dance request - we can deliver it.  Whether you want a choreographed number for your groomsmen, your bridesmaids, or, you know, you and your fiance.  With a little bit of time, your imagination, and one of our wedding specialists, your wedding party, and YouTube account, are in for a major upgrade. 

Ready to get started?  Contact Us to arrange a Wedding Consultation

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