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Arthur Murray Live Wedding Dance Tips

Wedding planning is a special time, but the stress of it can get the best of any DIY bride. It’s not a crime to relieve some of your bridal duties by hiring someone to help you out. After all, it’s your wedding; you deserve to enjoy it, stress free! Check out some of our favorite Bay Area wedding planners.

Best of the Bay: Wedding Planners

Mandy Scott Events: If you need some serious wedding planning help, Mandy Scott has plenty of experience. She’s coordinated events for Google, Louis Vuitton and even Oprah Winfrey, so she can certainly be trusted to help you put together your dream wedding! Her services vary; she can take you step by step through your entire planning process, or simply help out a few weeks before your big day to arrange last minute details. Whatever your preference, Mandy Scott Events has you covered!


A Touch of Grace Events: This award-winning Bay Area wedding planner never fails to plan a beautiful wedding, regardless of a couple’s needs. A Touch of Grace truly works with an all-hands-on-deck mindset, as they have a team of seven coordinators and numerous assistants. They will always have someone at the ready to assist you! Their service packages are customizable to give you exactly what you need. They even offer hourly services for those couples who only need guidance in a certain stage of planning.


Cassy Rose Events: Cassy Anderson is fairly new to wedding planning, but has no lack of experience managing and coordinating events. She worked for numerous production companies before starting her own wedding planning business in 2012. Cassy’s go-getter spirit and passion for celebrating life is what makes her one of our favorites. She’s already produced a handful of gorgeous weddings. Check out her portfolio here.




We know your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. We hope our list of favorite coordinators will help you plan it with ease. Need a place to get started? Don’t forget to book your FREE wedding dance lesson consultation online with Arthur Murray, and take that first step toward making your wedding day unforgettable!

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