Origin of the Tango

Although historians have discovered records showing earlier tango dances in both Cuba and Spain, the modern forms of tango originated in Argentina in the mid-1800’s.

The tango is believed to be mostly a combination of moves from Cuban and Argentine dances popular in the mid-1800s. The large African community in Buenos Aires also had a significant influence on the rhythms and moves of the modern tango.

How to Tango

The tango has evolved into many different variations throughout the years, but there are some common characteristics generally associated with the dance. Two partners face each other in either an open-embrace or a closed-embrace where they are connected in the upper thigh and hip area with space between their upper bodies.

Recognized through its gliding motion and the characteristic "head snaps," tango is an improvisation-friendly dance that can be sped up or slowed down depending on the music.

Learn to Tango

The iconic tango captured the world’s attention over a century ago, and continued to grow in popularity throughout the 20th century. Most people know if from in movies such as Last Tango in Paris, Scent of a Woman, True Lies and The Mask of Zorro.

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