Origin of the Lindy Hop

The Lindy Hop is a partner dance that originates from the era of the 1920's and swing dance. Its birthplace, the Savoy ballroom was the first integrated ballroom in New York City, attracting the best dancers and musicians around allowing for the Lindy Hop to be born. Considered to be one of the "hottest dance moves" it sparked national attention with weekly competitions to see who danced it best.

The Lindy hop got its name during a nonstop dance marathon in Harlem. George "Shorty" Snowden caught the attention of the media with his unique foot movements and called it the Lindy.

How to Lindy Hop

Famous for its groove walk, the Lindy hop is a fast-moving swing dance. Partners stand opposite each other in a loosely-connected, open stance. This gives them the ability to move fluidly and add quick, improvised movements and air steps to the dance.

Learn to Lindy

The Lindy Hop was a very popular dance in the 1930's and 40's. Renamed to the Jitterbug in 1942, it continues to maintain its widespread appeal and is still danced around the world.

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