Origins of Salsa

Salsa originates from Puerto Rico and Cuba with strong influences from other countries in the region. By the 1970s, the dance hit New York City under its current name. This popular social dance combines different movements from other Latin-based forms of dance such as the Cha-Cha, Son Montuno, Cuban Son, and Mambo.

Many of today's versions of salsa also incorporate movements from the Caribbean culture including Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Cuban dances like the Panchanga and Guaguanco.

How to Salsa

Salsa has a series of six steps danced to eight count music. The two dancers hold one or both hands in an open position with moves that involve turns and putting their arms behind their backs. When the arms are used in a closed position, the leader places their right hand on the follower's back while the follower places their left hand on the leader's shoulder.

Learn to Salsa

For nearly 50 years, Americans have enjoyed the high energy and Latin flavor of salsa dancing. Its appeal has been heightened by movies such as Dirty Dancing 2 (Havana Nights) and Along Came Polly.

Whether you want to learn to dance socially or competitively, Arthur Murray offers salsa lessons for dancers of all levels.

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