Origin of the Tango

There are many differing and wild tales concerning the origins of the Argentine tango, and historians have spent decades studying documents in order to pinpoint the exact beginnings. For many years, Argentina and Uruguay even feuded over which country was actually home to the first tango dances! However, Uruguay recently dropped this claim and it has become conventional wisdom that the dance began in the working-class suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina and quickly spread to Montevideo, Uruguay.The real fun of the Argentine tango begins when you learn that there is no defined set of moves, and that improvisation is what makes the dance special. The real key to dancing a successful Argentine tango lies in feeling the music along with your partner and letting creativity be your guide.

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How to Tango

In its most basic sense, all that is required to perform the Argentine tango is walking with a partner to tango music while in an embrace that can range from open to close. You and your partner typically move counterclockwise around the dance floor.

Learn to Tango

After experiencing a golden age in the 1940’s followed by a decline, the Argentine tango has seen a resurgence since the mid-1990’s. It is now one of the most popular dances around, and novices and experts alike love to experience the close connection to music and ingenuity offered by the Argentine tango.

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