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Competitive Dancing at Arthur Murray

what is competitive dancing? 

Competitive dancing for ballroom and latin dancing is commonly referred to as "Dancesport".  This takes the practical enjoyment of social dancing, and places the emphasis on performance.  Similar to other individual sports like Tennis, Golf, or Cycling - Competitive Dancing is for anyone that enjoys Ballroom and Latin dancing, and would like to explore events outside of everyday recreation. 

Enjoy the Thrill of Competition!

Want to put your dancing confidence on the fast track, and learn to dance on a more intensive scale?  Competitive Dance Lessons don't eliminate the joy of dancing, but it focus the attention on the fundamentals and techniques of performance.

Arthur Murray can teach you to become a competitive ballroom or Latin dancer. We offer local and worldwide dance competitions and events.  So whether you want to jump in for the love of a great hobby and vacation, or to just learn the tools to becoming more confident in front of people - we can help.  Anyone can become a dance competitor at Arthur Murray. 

Get your guide to Arthur Murray's Dance-O-Rama

Bay Area District Showcase - San Jose, CA - September 2016 from Maude Productions on Vimeo.

Dance Competitions for every dancer

At some point, your competitive dance program can take you to places outside of the dance studio.  From local events like the District Showcase, to national and international Dance Competitions, called Dance-O-Ramas - Arthur Murray has a dance event that is custom tailored to fit your ability, budget, and interest level. 

Unique Dance-O-Rama 2016 - Irvine, CA from Maude Productions on Vimeo.

billboard-competitive-dance.jpg Competitive Dancing Lessons FAQ's

Question:  "Do I need a partner to take Competitive Dance lessons?"

Answer:  Not at all.  In fact, you learn twice as fast when you are working one on one with your instructor.  Similar to Dancing with the Stars (minus the drama), you'll be paired up with a teacher to take you though the process.

Question:  "Do I need to compete to learn Competitive Dancing?"

Answer:  It's up to you. Your teacher will custom tailor a program that will suit your learning style and prepare you based on what your goals are.  From there, it's up to you whether you take that to a Dance Competition. 

Question:  "Is competitive dancing hard to learn?"

Answer:  Everything you learn at Arthur Murray is delivered in layers.  The Arthur Murray teaching method makes any dance, or technique, fun, quick, and easy to learn. This doens't mean there won't be anything challenging, but the instructors challenge themselves to deliver complicated information in an uncomplicated way so the process is more enjoyable. 

Question:  "How do I get stared with a Competitive Dance Program?"

Answer:  Everything begins with your first introductory lesson.  It is complimentary, and gives you a chance to learn some basics, gives your teacher a chance to pinpoint your overall goals, and will help you decide the pace of your learning going forward. 

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