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Cimone Bassilios BIO

Dance Instructor at Livermore Dance Studio

When did you start at Arthur Murray?

July 2016

What was your “tipping point” for pursuing this job?

My tipping point for pursuing this job was wanting to follow in the path of something I have always been passionate about. I have always been a teacher and the thought of being able to walk into work everyday and teach something I love, was the moment I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Your favorite day at work so far...

My favorite day at work so far was the day I got my first Bronze program enrollment. It was from the couple who were also my very first complimentary lesson. That was the day that gave me the feeling of knowing I was in the right place of work, and created the confidence that I could do this forever!

If you had to pick the most rewarding thing about working with your students, what would it be?

The most rewarding thing about working with my students is watching the learning process take place and grow. I have always been fascinated at how different the stages of learning happen for different people, and the moment that light-bulb goes off, my daily reward is given. The excitement, laughter, and celebration I get to share with students is the best way to end any lesson, knowing we were successful.

What’s the best thing about the team you work with?

The best thing about the team I work with is the unconditional support and comfort they give. I came into a team who's momentum and drive was so strong but did not for a second make me feel like I couldn't just jump right in and be a part of the game. We have all become so close in such a short time, and I am thankful that I entered into a group of people who genuinely wants to see me succeed.

How would you describe the school you work in?

The school is I work in is such a fun and energetic place to be. I think we set the tone for how a team should work, and excel in making it a place that students look forward to coming too.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments you’re most proud of?

My biggest accomplishments so far, have been my 100% enrollment rate with all of my complimentary lessons, as well as creating a strong relationship with all of the students.

What is one off-the-wall weird fact about you?

One off-the-wall weird fact about me is that from the day I started training at Arthur Murray until today, my ethnicity remains a mystery! I came with most of my experience in the Latin dances, and therefore everyone has assumed I might have been Hispanic. It's no longer a secret, I'm full Egyptian!

Before Arthur Murray I worked as a(n)….

Before Arthur Murray I worked as a teacher in a charter school, for multi-sensory learning students.

What sets Arthur Murray apart from all other dance studios?

The one thing that sets Arthur Murray apart from all other dance studios is the culture. There is an amazing structure for how AM takes care of their students and genuinely believe in changing lives. People don't just come to Arthur Murray for dance lessons, but to be a part of something much more special and close to home.

Cimone Bassilios, Instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Center Livermore


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