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Arthur Murray Consultants - BOBBY GONZALEZ

"When you think you're finished you're right"

Bobby Gonzalez

Traveling Consultant, Dance Board Member, Business Trainer


I am a traveling consultant for Arthur Murray Dance Studios world wide. Although I judge professional and amateur competitions and am a certified examiner, my main role is as a coach to many students around the world.

I have been with Arthur Murray dance studios since 1981 and have held the job of teacher, supervisor, counselor, studio manager, dance director, guest director, janitor, admin/receptionist, and party DJ. I have loved every position I have been in. Currently, I am the Area Six Dance Director and I a member of the National Dance Board for Arthur Murray International Inc., as well as the chairman of the instructors certification committee.

I have danced as a professional competitor in smooth dancing and enjoyed that for many years. I authored the Bronze Salsa syllabus, for which I received the Arthur Murray Dance Development Award along with Gabriella Young. I also developed the Silver and Club Salsa syllabi.

I love to teach– it doesn't matter to me whether it's a beginner or professional, I love the satisfaction of knowing I helped someone.

What do you love to do when you're not working as a traveling consultant?

When I'm not traveling, I'm training in teaching and my wife's studio in Folsom, California... or cooking and enjoying some wonderful California Cabernet.

What sets Arthur Murray apart from every other dance studio?

What sets Arthur Murray apart from any other Dance Studio is our amazing syllabus and teaching structure and the continuing education of staff in both dancing and teaching. 
We all speak a common language and I have witnessed this in Arthur Murray dance studios in Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and the U.S.

Things I pack on every trip (and you should too)

On every trip I pack an aeropress coffee maker, an Amazon Fire Stick and my running shoes.

Anything else you want to share?

For me the best part about what I do is the connections that I get to have with people.
Every interaction from saying hello to dancing at a party is special to me.

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