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Arthur Murray Live Wedding Dance Tips

3 Ways to Distinguish Your Wedding Dance from Your Wedding Plans

Okay, okay, we know... you're busy, you're stressed, and there's a big clock ticking away towards the biggest party you've ever planned.  

We've been there.

The great thing?  You're interested in an activity that could not only improve your wedding day dramatically, but may make your fiance your new dance partner in the process.  

So let's take a look at those wedding plans.  That never ending list of details that can cause event the most capable people to pour an extra glass of chardonnay.  

wedding-planning-stress.jpg1.   Stress

Dance Lessons for your wedding reduce stress.  Did you hear that wedding plans?  That's a microphone dropping.   All kidding aside, how many catering appointments, dress fittings, or seating charts can boast a reduction in stress?  

Dancing also get stress reducing endorphins pumping, and in a way that won't feel like a date night at the gym.  This way, a couple of extra cake tasting appointments won't kill you. 

wedding-plans-together.jpg2. Together 

It's easy to take a "Divide and Conquer" approach to wedding plans.  This, unfortunately, can create a divided experience in the planning process.  So while one person is working on the wedding registry, another is working on seating assignments.  

Not with dancing. 

Learning to dance for your wedding is planning time together. It's also an activity that puts couples in an elite date night position.  While working on a First Dance, couples can also learn popular and sexy dances like Salsa, Tango, Bachata, and Swing.  

No matter what your vision is for dancing, you don't need any dance experience to learn to dance at Arthur Murray.  The entire curriculum is built to teach people to move comfortably together, regardless of experience.  

wedding-plans-longevity.jpg3. Longevity

Ballroom dancing is a pre-set, guaranteed, offline, face to face, old fashioned eye contact type of appointment.  So why would that type of thing only work before the wedding?  Of all the bells and whistles of your big day - the cake, the venue, the flowers, the pictures - your dancing and your ring may have the greatest longevity.  

Wedding plans fade the moment you drive off as husband and wife, but that doesn't mean your dance hobby needs to.  

wedding-plans-schedule.jpgFinal Thought

Learning to dance for your wedding doesn't take experience, an urge to dance on television, or the ability to do the splits.  You don't need 5 years of preparation, a fascination with rhinestones, or a carte blanche wedding budget.  

Your wedding day is worth a visit to Arthur Murray.  It may just turn that sway side to side into a gorgeous Waltz, and add a new layer to your relationship in the process. 

It all begins by scheduling your first free Wedding dance lesson.


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