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Arthur Murray Live Wedding Dance Tips

Think for a second of all those poor, helpless, Newlywed, YouTube video’d Wedding dance routines that all went wrong.

There are those videos where the groom slips. There's one where the bride falls asleep from excessive swaying side to side, or the newlyweds take out the head table with an unrehearsed reenactment of that lift in Dirty Dancing.

But hey, at least they spent money on a videographer to capture it all, right? 

wedding-dance-budget-2.jpgShould You Budget for Wedding Dance Lessons? 

The answer, if you couldn't guess, is a resounding yes.

Ballroom Dance lessons are a great idea for a wedding. In fact, they may be the only item in your wedding preparation that will reduce stress, bring you closer together, and did we mention the stress reducing thing?  In addition to that, keep this in mind: Everything at your wedding will fade, wither, decay, or be sold on Ebay, aside from your rings, of course.  

But not dancing. Unlike the cake, name cards, place settings, favors, fancy appetizers, live band, bartender, and venue - You get to keep your dancing.


A Careful Examination of Your Wedding Budget

With some subtle adjustments, even the most budget conscious wedding can make room for dancing.  Here are some ideas:

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  1. The DJ - Seriously, DJ’s are charging more money to play music that you won’t be able to really dance to. So really, they are standing there watching you and your guests stand there until he plays YMCA and collects his riches. 
  2. Appetizers - Sure, you wanted to class up the place with those Shrimp Cocktail and bacon wrapped sirloin, but we all know that three of the groomsmen and your uncle will polish that off before your guests even see any of it.
  3. Flower Budget - Your wedding will be beautiful, even with half the flowers. Take the extra money and put it towards your dance skills. Put it this way, would half of your flower budget be worth turning your fiance into your lifelong dance partner? Besides, the flowers will die long before your dance moves will.
  4. Videographer - So maybe you don't hire that Indie filmmaker from Sundance.  What you may be losing in cinematic point of view will be replaced with choreographed movements that will look great on any camera. 

wedding-dance-budget-1.jpgFinal Thought

Creating a memorable and unique wedding is a challenge.  You could search far and wide, double your wedding budget, and still serve some of the same food and offer the same decor as dozens of other weddings.  Yet, if we've learned anything from YouTube, a great wedding dance can be that memorable touch your big day needs.  

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