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Arthur Murray Live


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3. Joining a community of dancers past, present, and future that is growing around the globe bonded together by a hobby.  

We hope one article, or at the very least one quote, has some type of positive impact on the positive activity we all call dancing. 

Thank You For Reading! 

After my wife and kids, my next two passions are teaching and writing.  Arthur Murray Live is the platform that has allowed me to share that love with students from our own studios to students that I've never met. 

The response to the blog is nothing short of overwhelming (in a human, not freaking out like before a competition, sort of way).  

For someone that was too nervous to walk through the doors of Arthur Murray the first time, I always feel like there will be one article that will encourage someone past their fears so they can fulfill their goal of learning to dance.  

Thank you for reading, for subscribing, and for being part of our Arthur Murray Live community.  

Chris Lynam 

Co-Founder of Arthur Murray Live