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Melisandra Russell BIO

Dance Instructor at Livermore Dance Studio

When did you start at Arthur Murray?

May 2015

What was your “tipping point” for pursuing this job?

I've always enjoyed dancing. Dancing has given me so many positive experiences and helped me through all stages of my life. I wanted to be able to share those feelings with other people through teaching.

Your favorite day at work so far...

My first day there was a dress up party based on the board game Life. Joey asked me when I was a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said a Pilot. He managed to find me the perfect costume pilot costume. Not only did I get to dress up on my first day but I also got to work with the amazing Lola Volair on my favorite dance Argentine Tango. I couldn't believe this was my job.

If you had to pick the most rewarding thing about working with your students, what would it be?

The most rewarding part of this job is seeing students reactions when they've accomplished something difficult. They work so hard and when it clicks together they glow with pride!

What’s the best thing about the team you work with?

Every day is different. We have so many vibrant personalities that even when one of us isn't feeling well or is down there is always someone there to pick you up. The energy in the studio is contagious, it's hard not to laugh when your here!

How would you describe the school you work in?

A family. Many of our students call this our second home.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments you’re most proud of?

The first time I had a wedding couple demo their first dance at a party. It was a challenging Viennese Waltz and they were beaming and he was even singing to her! It melted my heart.

What is one off-the-wall weird fact about you?

I love pickles. So much that I don't even buy them for my house cause I'll finish the whole jar in one day.

Before Arthur Murray I worked as a(n)….

starbucks supervisor, waitress, bartender, valet, farmer's market, baby sitter, french teacher. I was a jack of all trades.

What sets Arthur Murray apart from all other dance studios?

Their teaching style. They have been around long enough to have tried every teaching technique and they make a system that makes it easy for the teacher and the student to learn any dance.

Melisandra Russel, Dance Instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Center Livermore


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