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Arin Crumley BIO

Dance Instructor / Film Director at Walnut Creek Dance Studio

What was your “tipping point” for pursuing this job?

During training I was still toying with the idea. I wasn't completely sure but just kept following my curiosity into what this job would be like. I've always been a workaholic and this was all just too much fun. So i was confused by the whole prospect at first. But my work has always been in the arts in some capacity and has always been about investing in refining craft. When it clicked that this is the new artistic medium I want to focus on I decided there is no other job for me. Being a part of the Arthur Murray Live team is the perfect environment to explore the creative potential of partner dancing so there is no other thing I'd rather be doing

Your favorite day at work so far...

I've really loved making music videos with the students. Film production is another passion of mine and so bringing that skill set to this job has been super exciting. So the music video shoot days have been my favorite. Also I love getting the chance to introduce ballroom dancing to someone for the first time so anytime we have a new student I get to work with that becomes one of my favorite days.

If you had to pick the most rewarding thing about working with your students, what would it be?

I love to garden and take care of plants. But it requires patients because results are not immediate. My students on the other hand are over night dance stars.; ) In reality it's like gardening. It takes time. But it's insanely satisfactory when I see a student become a towering sunflower that's now become it's own beautiful thing. And all I did was follow the directions on the package!

What’s the best thing about the team you work with?

Good senses of humor, very talented, always eager to learn more together and the number one important thing is we all have a mutual love for Marmite Potato Chips. (We're just on the same page like that.)

How would you describe the school you work in?

Off the wall and nuts.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments you’re most proud of?

Watching all of the film Gummo. (Not an easy one.)

What is one off-the-wall weird fact about you?

I answer my own questions. For example If I had one super hero power it would be flying.

Before Arthur Murray I worked as a(n)….

Video producer / director.

What sets Arthur Murray apart from all other dance studios?

One obvious difference is the one-on-one attention. Most studios offer primarily group classes. Or cycle through random instructors. We are about nurturing the students directly so nobody get's left behind no matter what pace they need. But we also team up and eventually each instructor here will in some way enhance the dancing of every student. But another big thing is I'm pretty sure everyone under this roof has more fun than any other dance studio that exists. Except for when the merengue line circles into the parking lot and then back into the front door. When that happens our parking lot becomes the funnest dance studio there is.

Arin Crumley, Instructor / Film Director at Arthur Murray Dance Center Walnut Creek


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