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Try a free private lesson and see why Arthur Murray has been the leader in dance instruction since 1912.

Time to debunk those dancing myths at Arthur Murray!

Let's get the facts straight:  You don't need a dance partner, you don't need dance experience, and you don't even need to be in our dance studio to learn how to dance. 

The Arthur Murray dance program is designed to make any dance fun, quick, and easy to learn.  So get in touch with our team and we can arrange a free lesson for you to experience it for yourself.  

Whether you walk in, or log in, you're going to be dancing in no time. 

Fill  out the form to get a free digital or in-person dance lesson with one of our instructors!

What We Teach

Social Dances

People with or without dance experience come to learn social dancing at Arthur Murray for a wide variety of reasons.

Here are a few to add some perspective to this wonderful hobby:

  • Exercise
    Burn 300-600 calories doing something fun that your body doesn't associate with exercise.
  • Brain Health
    Ballroom dancing is physical, creative, social, and gives your brain an all around workout. It lifts your mood and eases anxiety.
  • Stress Reduction
    Physical activity reduces stress like listening to music reduces stress. Combine those two things together and ballroom dancing can be your happy pill.

Wedding Dance

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable events in your life. Make it memorable for your family and guests as well by performing an elegant dance with your other half. There's nothing more romantic than a husband and wife dancing to the tune of their favorite love song.

Our New Student Director will share recommendations to make your customized wedding dance a success.

The Arthur Murray Advantage

Here are the reasons that makes Arthur Murray Live your best option to learn ballroom dancing:

Structured System

Arthur Murray has a structured way of teaching ballroom dance to allow students to take the patterns, skills, and styling from one dance and apply it to another dance in a seamless fashion. This system makes it possible for a student to learn a variety of dances in the time it might take to learn just one.

Dedicated Staff

The majority of Arthur Murray staff are full time and career minded. This means that this is their real job, not just an occasional passion project. Coincidentally, when people love their real job their clients tend to see real results. Aside from the advantages of this in regards to scheduling your lessons, a full time staff gives your experience and progress continuity.

Community Support

Every student comes to AM with different goals, backgrounds, occupations, and struggles. One of the most incredible parts of your studio is that it is made up of a community of people there to support your dance journey. Your community isn't a single teacher, it's a village of positive people.

Customized Experience

The staff at Arthur Murray work hard to construct your experience around those, and many more, factors. So everything from the dances you learn, to the activities you try, are all part of a bigger plan to get you to where you want to be. Your dance program continues to evolve to match your dance ability and interests through the life of your hobby.

The Owners

We've heard it for 100 years: "I need some dance skills first", "I need a dance wardrobe", and "I need a dance partner". Absolutely not! In fact, Arthur Murray got the idea to teach dancing in 1912 because he wasn’t a very good dancer to begin with.

Dancing is a learning process meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

Whether you’re dancing to learn new skills, to compete, to look magical on your wedding, or just want to have some fun, we're here to guide you.

Chris & Daisey Arthur Murray Franchisees

Here's What Our Students Have To Say

Such an awesome organization that is looking to happily dance with everyone across the world. The website, articles and blogs that are being put out are so informational, funny, and most importantly helpful in the overall achievement of becoming the best dancers we can be! The staff are incredible and they are just the friendliest bunch of people you'll ever meet!!! :) Thanks for sharing and great job on all your hard work!!!

This is a first-rate organization. Their website has articles that are helpful and interesting to Ballroom dancers around the world. Their staff is well-trained, courteous, professional, and passionate about what they do. And finally, the owners are people of great integrity both in practice and in principle. Highly recommended.

The level of commitment to great service and superb quality of teaching And guidance is by far among the best , thank you for the friendliness kindness and warmth and support on my journey

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