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Arthur Murray Consultants - Hunter Johnson

"Competition can help uncover our weakness and lead us to a path of self discovery...for our true enemies are but ourselves."

Hunter Johnson

Traveling Consultant, Dance Board Member, Franchisee, Area 5 Chairman


I'm happily married to the most beautiful woman, Maria Johnson and we have two awesome boys Parker and Carter.

Maria and I had a successful dance career winning the Open to the World Smooth championship, in addition to being 7-time U.S. Finalists. We have also been named Arthur Murray Smooth Champions and worked as choreographers for three seasons of So You Think You Can Dance.

10 years ago, while doing a show in London, we became a part of Arthur Murray International and we have learned so much about ourselves and the dance business. In 2016, AMI asked me to become the Area 5 Chairman and I couldn't have dreamed of a better opportunity to give back to the organization. I strive every day to grow myself and build up our great company.

If you would have met me 5 years ago you would have thought I was intense and unapproachable, but Arthur Murray has changed my life and I'm so happy to have grown.

How did you first get introduced to dancing?

I wanted to learn how to dance the two step better, so I could pick up girls.

What sets Arthur Murray apart from every other dance studio?

Arthur Murray has the most well-rounded instructors. Our teachers are certified, are trained in customer service and, most importantly, they are trained to work with each individual student to help them reach their goal.

Things I pack on every trip (and you should too):

Bose headphones
Wine opener (you never know)😜
Extra socks 😤